Still an M

I updated my measurements on the website this morning, and I'm still an "M" shape. The letter is arbitrary, it doesn't mean I'm shaped like the letter, it's just that I'm still short-waisted with a thick middle and long legs. I didn't expect my shape to change, that should remain relatively constant, it's just one's size that changes. And my new size, whooo. B-I-G. At least knowing my size in different brands will help streamline my shopping experience when I'm in NYC. I put a bunch of stuff on my "wish list" on the myshape site, in case I don't find what I need during my shopping trip, I can just finish up online.

This morning, I also re-read the book, The Pocket Stylist. It also classifies everyone into shapes based on body type (I'm an "F" in that system). It was a useful review, since before I was a "C" and the most flattering clothes are slightly different for and "F". My body type is the same as before, it's just that A/B/C are for regular-size women, and D/E/F are the corresponding types when you're overweight.

Two things I already know I want-- a peacoat and a kilt. I'll have to try on the kilt I got in 2007 (I think), if it still fits I'll just use that. It's hard to imagine it would, but sometimes skirts accommodate my expanded belly better than anticipated. It depends where the waist hits, and what kind of waistline is on the skirt.