Second Sock Doesn't Match

I started knitting the second sock colored cream & blue, to complete the pair I started in May. I tried to knit it using my not-really-knitting stitch I used to create the first one, but I forgot what I used to do.

So I just forged on ahead knitting it correctly. Now that I've finished the top part, I can see that it really does not look like the first sock at all. I thought maybe I could get away with it, that the only people that would notice would be those who scrutinized my baby's socks. But now I'm not so sure, it might be obvious enough so they look different even with a glance.

I haven't decided what I'm going to do about it. I will probably opt to just knit another sock correctly, and forget about the one that's wrong. Maybe stuff it and turn it into a rattle. Of course, that would require me to knit not just one but TWO more socks, and I'm not convinced I have it in me. I want to get going on knitting that sweater for William.

I thought I could finish one of the socks tonight, but I can't believe how wiped out I am, and it's not even 10pm. I'll take the project into the bedroom with me, maybe after I wash up and get ready for bed I'll be more relaxed and able to continue. I think I'll stay home tomorrow and knit while William takes his naps. It's easier for me to pick up and put down the knitting than to suffer interruptions when I'm trying to trade, so hopefully I'll get my project done.