Two Hours Each Morning Works

I've been having trouble getting back to my trading, but the arrangement Terry and I worked up lately seems to be working for me.

I wake up at 7, feed William, and take him for his walk around 8am. Sometimes Terry joins us, sometimes he doesn't. Either way, we're back home for W's nap at 9am.

Then Terry takes over, and helps W settle for his nap while I go into the other room and settle into my trading. I get a half hour before the market opens to update my charts with the previous day's close, read the morning reports, and check the overseas market action.

Terry continues to supervise W while he naps. It's a pretty low-key responsibility, typically he wakes up 1x during his nap because he needs to use the potty, and it takes about 15 minutes to get him back to sleep. But other than that, you don't even have to be in the same room, so Terry is fine with that. He has time to make the coffee and/or breakfast.

So I have a full 2 hours every morning to follow the market. I'm back to reading the chatter and active trading. I just have to be sure to set all my triggers then, when I buy the stocks. I didn't do that for UNG, and got burned. I forgot that we went to my parents' house on a Sunday and so were still there Monday morning, and I should have been looking at stocks instead of getting ready to go shopping. My bad. If I am able to spend the first two hours of each weekday focused on trading, then I think I'll get back "into" it enough to remember I'm supposed to pay attention even when I'm not at home. Even on our trip to NY this shouldn't be too hard, since many downtown stores don't open until 10am at the earliest, the SoHo shops not until 11am (it has to do with when street parking becomes available in each neighborhood). So I can trade and still not miss out on shopping hours. Since I do want to have a complete fall wardrobe in place before I leave town.