Dropped Down, As Expected

As I expected, I've dropped down as more participants finished their tournament songs. But on the bright side, I'm still ranked reasonably high (currently in 12th place), and I'm the second highest in my experience level (Rock Star); I'm 7,662 points behind "Alitar13" the Rock Star from Canada in 10th place. I think "Stricken" is the song I'll need to improve to move up. From a cursory glance at other competitors' high scores I'm pretty close on three out of four of my songs, but I'm significantly lower for "Stricken". I'm tired playing now, but I'll pick it up again sometime tomorrow. I've got to make IRA contributions and print out tax returns, etc. tomorrow, but the tournament isn't over until 8pm so I'll have time in the evening to try to improve my scores. I'll have a better idea where I'll actually wind up in the standings closer to the end of the tournament, also. If I'm going to be way down out of the top 100 I might not try so hard to eke out a better performance within the time limit.