Planning William's Wardrobe

I bought a few things for William when I was in Richmond, and he's so cute in them, I can't stop.

I got another pair of overalls, and a matching plaid cap today online. Yesterday, I went through the clothes that were gifts and are now the right size (he's anywhere from 3-6 mo to 6-9 mo depending on the brand), and found quite a few more cute outfits already in the house.

Now that we're not changing his diaper quite as often as we used to and the weather is cooling off, it's a little more reasonable to put him in pants. Although I still favor the snap-crotch pants since they are quick to get off when it's potty-time, and they just fold up to his back so we don't have to find a clean space for them on the changing table.

I definitely need to finish knitting his socks, so I can start the sweater. He's going to be so cute in it!