Poison Ivy Breast

I have poison ivy on the lower half of my left breast. How on earth did that happen, you wonder? I have Terry to thank for that. He's in the running for most bone-headed dad of the year.

Two days ago, Terry took William out to play with some plants in the backyard, pulling the leaves off, etc. When he came in to feed, I noticed that William had a rash on his face, and asked Terry what he was doing. He said playing in some vines, and I didn't think anything more of it. He washed off William's face and hands, and the rash went away.

Yesterday, I noticed that William had scratches on his face and lip. I figured that Terry had accidentally let him fall forward onto something, but didn't say anything, figuring what's done is done, and Terry is usually pretty careful about that sort of thing.

Tonight, I got a rash under by breast. I had no idea what could have caused it, my best guess being that the fabric in the knit shirt I was wearing had some excess detergent on it or something that bothered me, and I never noticed it before since I always wore that particular top with a bra but today I was staying home, so I didn't.

But Terry comes in later to apologize for giving me poison ivy. He figured out (must've done some online sleuthing) that the vines he let William play with were actually poison ivy plants. And he himself was covered in poison ivy rash, although we thought he picked it up when he was working in the back field all day. The reason William doesn't have the rash is because babies under a year old very rarely get a rash from poison ivy. Even some toddlers are still immune, it's not until age 7 that it gets bad.

So he must've really been covered with the poison oil to break out like he did (although thankfully, washing it off made it go away). And the "scratches" on William's face aren't really scratches, they're remnants from where he most touched the vine. And I got it on my boob because he breastfed immediately upon coming inside, before I noticed the rash and Terry washed him off. So the poison transferred from William's hands and face to my boob.

Terry says the reason I didn't break out sooner is because the weaker the dose, the longer it takes to manifest.

The good news is that Terry is now sure to remember what poison ivy looks like, and will be able to avoid it in the future.