Still Knitting Wrong

I finished the sock I started yesterday, and while I thought I was knitting it correctly at the time, it turns out that I wasn't.

Fortunately, it's only the top four rows that are wrong. Unfortunately, the sock now has a rolled edge instead of a ribbed edge.

What really confused me today was that I specifically ripped out the stockinette stitch I started, in order to make the rib. But I didn't make the rib?!?! I know I was tired yesterday, but I thought I would have noticed.

I finished that sock this evening, and in order to make the next one match, I had to figure out exactly what I did to the top of the first sock. I KNOW that it wasn't a straight knit, since I specifically remember the "knit 1, purl 1" mantra I said to myself as I was doing it. After some close examination, I figured out that what I thought was knit 1, purl 1, was really knit 1, knit-through-the-back-of-the-stitch 1.

So that's what I did for the top of the second sock. I think they'll be cute with rolled tops. I'm about 30% done with it. I didn't finish the first sock until after 9pm tonight, but I figured there would be a better chance of me actually making a matching pair if I started tonight. If there is something already ON the needles, I'll be less likely to put off finishing it for a few months. The boy is going to outgrow this size in a month! But at least he'll have a cute pair of socks to wear when he goes out in September. . .