Wait'll They Hear About This At La Leche

The poison ivy is worse today. Terry has all kinds of fancy stuff to "make it go away" but it doesn't work for me. He says that you need to apply the scrubs every few hours. To me, it seems like the stuff isn't working, it's just having a placebo effect on Terry. But he doesn't have it nearly as bad as I do.

It's entirely not fair, since it was HIS FAULT he was frolicking in the poison ivy with William, and I didn't even go out there. Yet I have a wicked rash all over my chest. And now my wrist, also.

And we were both tired today, since William was up several times last night. He's been such a fussy sleeper this month, it's a nuisance. I couldn't deal with his crying anymore by 10 am and handed him off to Terry and went out on the porch (where I couldn't hear the baby) and ate a bowl of coconut milk ice cream with chocolate sauce and read a magazine. Of course, Terry couldn't just let me relax for a few minutes, he had to come down and complain about how he was so tired and itchy from poison ivy, and told him to go away, I was MORE tired and itchy.

After an hour by myself, I was ready to take William to the beach. It's the last weekend the beach is open for swimming, and the weather is perfect for it. We hung out there from 11:45am thru 3:30pm, and William was a perfect angel the whole time. I really don't understand why he's so good at the beach, but so difficult at home. He took a good nap from 12:45pm thru 2:45pm, and I read a book part of the time, but I did fall asleep some myself, and felt better after that.

I came home earlier than usual since I wanted to shower before going to the vigil mass, and I got myself and William ready, all our supplies packed up in the car, but remembered something when we reached the top of our driveway. I had a vague feeling that there might be a football game this weekend, so I stopped the car and checked the internet from my phone. Yup, season opener. My church doesn't have mass on Saturdays when there is a home game, since UVA closes Alderman road to traffic. I wondered why I didn't hear the announcement last week (they always remind all the masses the week before this sort of thing), then remembered I went to Mass in RICHMOND last week, not here. At least I've learned to trust my intuition enough that I stopped the car and didn't continue the 30 minutes into Charlottesville without checking to be sure.

I was going to make a browniecookiecake pie for the block party tomorrow, but Terry informed me he was just too wiped out from his poison ivy to either help me bake OR watch William tonight. Great. Since I did NOT want to risk William waking up and screaming his head off while I tried to bake downstairs (I just KNEW if I got the dessert in the oven, Will would wake up and need attention just when I should have been checking to take it out and all my work would have been burnt up and for naught). So I'll just pick up a dessert from Foods of All Nations on my way back from church tomorrow morning. Whatever. People tend to make things themselves around here (unlike NYC, where it's practically unheard of), but I figure I'll get a pass since I'm showing up with an infant. Or maybe I could just make either brownies, or a cake, or cookies tomorrow. I'll be home around 10:30am, and the party doesn't even start until 2pm, so I'll have time. Just not enough time for the whole fancy shebang.