Washing The Udder

Terry has some homeopathic poison ivy treatment he's encouraging me to use frequently. It doesn't feel like it does much, but it helps a little. It's a scrub, and I have to rub it into my breasts for two minutes, then rinse it off.

When I rinse it, I'm leaning over the sink, and splashing water on myself with my hands, and when I look at myself in the mirror it reminds me of the instructional photos in my farm magazines, how to wash the udder before milking. Of course, the farmers ARE NOT WASHING POISON IVY off their cows.

At least if it doesn't go away by Friday, I already have an appointment with my dermatologist, and I'll get her to give me something stronger. My suspicion is that she'll just tell me to buck up, there's nothing safe to use while nursing. Especially when the baby is nursing DIRECTLY FROM THE AFFECTED AREA.