One Step Closer In The Lounge

I finally finished the second shade in the upstairs lounge and installed it last week. Although the shades are functional, they are really only 99% finished. I used 1/8" brown ribbon for the pull cords since the traditional white cord I use for other treatments would look bad here since it would be visible in front of the dark brown shade. But the cats can chew through it, and I guess when I repaired the broken ribbon on the first shade I used up some ribbon that should have been used on the second shade, and as a result I have one pull-string made of ivory ribbon (which confirms that having white string in front ruins the aesthetic).

I need to find something both stronger and brown to replace the current ribbons. I might use wider grosgrain ribbon, I'll have to check the cost on that. Or else I might get some dye and dye the white curtain cord.

I also have to sew in the bottom wood pieces. Currently, I've sewn casings for them at the bottom of the curtain, and the wood pieces are in there. But they can slide out the sides, so I need to hand-sew them in. I might need Terry to cut 1/2" off of them to do this, I think at the moment they go exactly the whole width of the curtain and so I can't close the sides around them.

Rather than drive up to the fabric warehouse on 29N (it's nearly an hour drive) for the wall anchors, I just put two screws in the window frame on each side to wrap the cord around in a figure-8 loop to hold the shades open.

I also need to figure out how to handle the excess cord. Hanging down from the wall it's currently too much temptation for the cats, and will also be for William when he starts walking around. I read on the window safety site that although they recommend no cords in homes with young kids, to reduce risk of strangulation the cords should not be in loops, each string should hang down on its own and you just have to pull both of them evenly, you can't use the little connector things that make it easy to pull both at the same time. They don't mention this on the site, but I notice the little caps on the ends of the cords are all small enough to fit through a toilet paper tube, so I presume they're choking hazards if they come off. So I'll keep my eye out for I guess really, really large beads to use on the ends.

I figure I have several months to take care of this. I will probably buy some cordless shades for William's room, since in the future he will spend time in there unsupervised. I'm undecided if I'll change out any other of the shades. We have a lot of windows in this house, and it would be very expensive to put the cordless shades in everywhere. I'm more likely to just cut the cords so they're no longer looped, and keep the shades closed so the ends of the cords are up by the top of the window, well out of reach by kids. Then I can just open the shades when I'm in any particular room and so I'd keep an eye on William if he was playing nearby.