I came across a site a few weeks ago I thought I might be able to use to organize outfits. The site is called Polybvore.

You sign up for a free account, then you can create collages of virtual outfits, wardrobes, collections, whatever you want. I was looking into it more closely today, and got hopeful when I saw a tab for "My Items". I thought I could upload photos of my own clothes and accessories, then play around with them online and make a visual collage of outfits to make it easier for me to pack for trips.

My hopes were dashed when I discovered it would only work with tremendous effort on my part. First of all, I put all my photos on the picasaweb site on google, but Polyvore won't let you clip images from google. Then, when I tried to clip an image from my own website here, it worked until I tried to put it in a collage. Polyvore eliminates the backgrounds from images, so pretty much the only things you can clip that will look right are pictures with plain white backgrounds.

So in order to use Polyvore to make travel wardrobes, I would have to photograph my clothes against a white background then post them to my own site so they could be clipped. If I was going to do that, I might as well just use photoshop, clear the backgrounds myself and make my own collages without going online.

The site is designed to pull clothes that are currently being sold online into your "virtual" closet. I tried to find my clothes online, but even the things I bought at Target last month are nowhere to be found. And forget about finding things from past seasons-- even my black quilted boots with rabbit fur trim, which have been knocked off numerous times in the past several years, were nowhere to be found, original brand, knockoff, or otherwise. So that strategy wouldn't work to get my clothes into the polyvore system, either.

If you only shop for clothes online, or in national chains, you might be able to add pieces to your polyvore closet as you go. But I prefer to do most of my shopping in Loehmann's, and a lot of their stuff is imported from Italy, other stuff is from small labels not available at big chains, so I don't think I'll have much luck doing that, either, but I'll try.

Overall, I think this site is best suited to teenaged girls, or even college-age, who can't afford to just go out and get all the clothes they want, or have limited opportunities to wear a range of styles (I had to walk over a mile each way to classes when I was undergrad, and I certainly didn't wear nice suits and heels for that, even if I would've been fine dressing up for classes). So they can indulge their shopping fantasies by "virtually" buying whatever items they want, advertising how they imagine they will live under different circumstances. Shoot, I guess there is no age limit to that. I could put together wardrobes of outfits I would wear and look terrific in if I was the same size I was in college. But that would just depress me. I suppose I could put together fantasy wardrobes of what I'd wear if I was a high-powered executive woman, but what's the point? While I personally don't have any need or desire to fantasize about alternate clothing realities, I can appreciate that perhaps other women would enjoy it. Polyvore is for them, check it out.