A friend asked if Earth Class Mail was the service I use, and it is. It's a remote facility that receives, scans, recycles, or shreds your mail based on your instructions. It occurred to me that perhaps others would also like a review of this, so here's my reply:

I've been using them since August, no complaints. I haven't done any mail forwarding, I just changed my address individually for all my credit cards and many of my bills (since my main problem was that things weren't getting paid on time since it could be weeks before I saw any of my held mail). I now use that as my mailing address for anyone that might send me a bill (doctors, services). It's interesting that it has DRAMATCALLY cut down on the junk mail I receive at the house, and yet the junk mail is not going to the site. Some catalogs are, but I just click on "recycle" and that's that.

An added bonus is that for most banks I only get electronic statements anyway nowadays but for the banks that don't offer that it's been a nuisance to have some records on my computer and some on paper, but since the mail service scans everything to pdf now and I even get the luddite banks' info digitally, my house is neater and my records are more likely to be complete.

I'm not sure it's worth $30/month, in a perfect world I think I'd pay $12/month for this, but since it's worth more than $0 I pay what they ask and that's fine. I think the cost will come down as they get more users, and/or more competitors. I think there is a lower-cost tier of service if you get less mail (but I have a ridiculous number of bank and credit card statements. . .).