I'd found the shopping site myShape last month or so, and entered in all my measurements to create a "personal shop". The premise of the site is that it analyzes your measurements, then determines which of seven body types (as defined by myShape) you are, for the purpose of showing you clothes that will look good on you.

They've been sending me emails since then which I've mostly ignored. But now there's a 70% sale, so I checked it out. At least for me (a type "M") the site does seem to do a good job of showing me only clothes designed well for my figure. I just discovered today that you could further refine the list to show only clothes in your "color season" as well (anyone who remembers "Color Me Beautiful" will know what I'm talking about, but here's the first link I found where you can figure it out for yourself ).

The selection of clothes thus refined was quick & easy to review and I found a few things I thought I'd like. I honestly probably wouldn't have ordered if it weren't for the free shipping both ways plus $25 off (a purchase of $50+) for first-timers. Enter code FM1PURCH for this, it's advertised right on their site.

BOTTOM LINE: I like this website, it's very easy to shop. Even if you don't shop online, just seeing the items recommended for your shape is useful so you can keep that in mind when you're in the stores. I will find out in 4-9 days if the clothes themselves are any good. . .