I just got a free "membership" to a new online discount boutique site, Rue La La. I've shopped at other sites like this, they're usually pretty good. Generally it works like this:
1) you get invited to join
2) you get emails announcing when the next sale will be
3) at the time of the sale, you log on and shop online like any other online store

The main difference is that these discount "boutiques" generally have more exclusive merchandise than you'd find at most mass-merchants. And when something's sold out, it's gone. And things can get snapped up very fast. Generally, even if it's in your "shopping cart" someone could grab it from you if you haven't actually purchased it yet. It can be a bit of a frenzy, like a real-life designer sale but without the physical pushing and shoving. Also without the ability to try things on (even while fully clothed in the aisle. . .), so there's the trade-off.

I just signed up now so I can't vouch for this particular site (their next sale isn't until April), but if you'd like to check it out, first register and login then post a comment with your request on one of my Rue La La posts here, and I'll send you an invitation (then once you're in you can invite your friends, etc.).

FYI - I'm the only one who sees your email address, it's not published in the comment.

I also am trying to bust my

I also am trying to bust my way into the world of rue la la.


I am also looking for a Rue

I am also looking for a Rue La La Invite. Thank you!

HI! I am looking for a Rue

HI! I am looking for a Rue lala invite! Thanks.

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