Other Heidi Thorsens

I get a lot of hits from people searching for other Heidi Thorsens. If you ARE one of the other Heidi Thorsens, you can register yourself on this site (although the user name Heidi is taken!!) and leave a comment on this post with whatever contact information you'd like so maybe whoever is looking for you can go to your website from mine.

Friends' Blogs

If my blog is dull then maybe you'll like some of my friend's blogs better:

I just discovered that a fine fiber-artist I know (her felted creations are fabulous) has a blog where she posts patterns and instructions for how to sew and knit things, mostly for kids but I saw some things for adults, also. Darlene calls her blog Natural Violet for her sweet late kitty.

My husband Terry just started a blog he calls Terrynomics. He writes about serious economic policy issues, it shocks me how different his blog is than mine. It's not that I have different opinions than he does about economic policy (although there are some minor aspects we disagree on), but I just can't imagine being able to put together such well-researched and comprehensive posts. Needless to say, he spends considerably less time playing video games than I do.

I just "friended" on facebook one of my old high school classmates, Lisa Grenier (nee Harmon). She has a blog, mostly about her five kids. She homeschools them so they have lots of fun activities, she's got cute quotes from them, and lots of pictures. They're absolutely adorable!

While going through my email spam folder, I came across a not-spam change-of-email-address note from an old acquaintance, Gillian Gutenberg. She's got an entertaining blog called Ultra Fine Flair. She's moving to Argentina soon, so I expect her blog will be far more exotic than mine.

Cindy Dodge is my sister who writes about her life with newborn twins.

Gil's Obsessions are travel and pop culture. He posts a lot about airplanes, airlines, and airports, he's traveled a zillion miles and has probably been through more airports this year than you've been through your entire life.

Billy Smash belongs to my friend Billy who works for the BBC and lives in London (formerly from NYC). He writes about all kinds of things in a highly opinionated way, heavy on politics.

Anthony Giglio doesn't have a blog, per se, but he does have a site that shows his books, etc.

Chock-A-Blog is written by Tom Carter of NYC-- I met him through Book Club, but I don't remember if he was actually in the Book Club or just friends with Book Clubbers.
Love It All Above is written by James Leventhal who I haven't seen since he left NYC years ago but now we play Scrabulous together through Facebook.

Anika & Mackenzie Dodge are my twin nieces, my sister blogs and pretends her kids are making the entries. . .


Sometimes I want to see if anything's new in town, especially since I'm gone a lot. Restaurants have opened, operated, and closed during times I was living in NJ for a few months. Here are some sites I look to for news, gossip, and restaurants:

When I want to see if anything interesting is going on I look first to the Hook. Specifically, if I want some ideas about what restaurant to go to I use their Food Finder since you can sort by neighborhood, price, type of food, etc. Pretty useful. And for the events, they have a day-by-day calendar.

The "Spicy Bear Network" includes three sites. I only recently discovered them, so I don't have much of an opinion of them yet. But the articles and comments were interesting enough that I've spent over an hour reading them. The sites with their main categories are:

Cville Muse Exhibit, Film, Literature, Music, Stage, Visual
Cville Style Cville Guides, Cville Scene, Entertainment, Fashion, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden
Cvillain Drink, Events, Food, Gossip, News

Daisy Waters Thorsen

My cat Daisy died from cancer, and it was very upsetting to me to watch her decline. When she was gone I made this memorial website for her, and that helped me feel better. It's interactive and has stories about her cat life, music, and photos.

I'm All Over the Web

I don't know how to incorporate *everything* onto this one site now (and am not sure if I want to do that anyway), so here are some links to my "pages" on various other websites:

Here's my page on Ravelry, a knitting & crocheting website where I keep track of things I've made. It's useful since it's a place to record what size needles you used with what yarn and what pattern, in case you wanted to make something again you'll already know your gauge.

I just found the digital wedding album I made years ago. It's got music and a scrolling invitation and stuff. It takes a little while to load, and I don't have one of those "loading" countdown bars, so you'll just have to be patient. But it's basically a digital replica of my actual wedding photo album including just the best photos.

MrsThorsen Channel on You Tube

Here's my Guitar Hero profile page.

I want to eventually move my photo-blog here, but for now here's Heidi Sees which I update less often than I used to, but at least every entry has a photo. . .

I have some photos posted on the bed-jumping website. Here I am at the Viceroy, Hilton Hawaiian Village

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