For now, I'm just going to add links here as I think of them, and categorize them only when there are enough links that makes sense.

Check with the Virginia Lottery to see if you're a millionaire. Although you've got to play to win.

Use Flight Tracker to track a flight in real-time. You only need to know the airline, origin and destination airports, then you can select the flight from a list if you forgot the time or flight number. Or if your husband never told you in the first place. . .

This site has a really nice FAQ about Guitar Hero III.


Feeling nostalgic? Eventually, I'll post the back issues of Thorsense here. The first issue of my erstwhile web-zine was way back in 1999, and they cover my life pretty well up through mid-2003.

The project was abandoned once we got the second home, I had to furnish the house and maintain both homes since we traveled back and forth between them regularly, and I didn't have the free time I did when I only had to take care of a tiny city apartment.


Food Heidi

I don't remember when I started this site, but I'm pretty sure it was when we were living in New York so my best guess is 2001/2002.

I posted some of my most-requested recipes plus some others I for whatever reason wanted to have online so I wouldn't have to carry a cookbook or recipe cards from one home to another.

Again, I haven't yet moved the site over from the now-defunct thorsen.com, but I will eventually.

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