8:30 am - 200.4
9:30 am - 199.8
11:20 pm - 201.6


8:30 am - 201.0
8:35 am - 202.4 (+1.4 lbs clothes)
9:22 am - 202.6
10:30 am - 203.0
4:30 pm - 202.0
8:00 pm - 203.8
8:02 pm - 202.4 (-1.4 lbs clothes)
8:30 pm - 202.0

This time I made sure to keep everything the same for the before/after clothes measurements. Since the clothes were the same weight in the morning and at the end of the day, I will presume that my scale is accurate.

Today I fluctuated less, just 1.4 pounds (not including clothes, it's just coincidence that's the same amount).

I wonder why I had so much more fluctuation yesterday?

Food Log

9:00am - oatmeal with whole flaxseeds, raisins, walnuts, maple syrup, butter. 1 packet fish oil, 1 prenatal vitamin.

10:00am - cafe au lait

11:30am - 7/8 of a quesadilla made with whole wheat tortillas, green peppers, onions, cheese. 1 prenatal vitamin.

1:00pm - finished first canteen of water for the day

3:00pm - probably 1.5 small apples (cut up 2 and shared total w/son) with peanut butter on half the slices

6:00pm - 2 slices open-faced tuna melt, 1 bowl chicken noodle soup. Tuna was made with mayo, capers, onions, celery salt, pepper. Served on white bread, topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Finished the 2nd canteen of water for the day. 1 prenatal vitamin.

I didn't intend to eat two slices of the tuna melt, I was just going to eat one plus the soup. But a combination of factors drove me to it-- 1) my son didn't want to eat his, so there was an extra, 2) I was still hungry, 3) the first one was so delicious, I really wanted another.

I was especially hungry because I have NOT been snacking on handfuls of goldfish crackers throughout the day. I hadn't realized how often I was munching on those crackers until the past two days when I've been reaching for the crackers but stopping myself before I touch them. I reach for them every time I walk through the kitchen! So without the constant snacking, I was really hungry at dinnertime. So, is it healthier to eat small handfuls of goldfish crackers every hour or two, or to cut out the snacking but eat extra at dinnertime? It would be healthier to eat extra at dinnertime if that extra were vegetables, but I didn't have any prepared tonight, so the decision is between goldfish crackers and tuna melt. At least the tuna melt was a billion times tastier than the crackers. I don't know what it was exactly, but I got the proportions of capers/spices/mayo just right tonight.

10pm - 1 oz raw almonds (I weighed them, and 1 oz by weight is about the same as the 2 oz shot glass I used to scoop them up). Finished 3rd canteen of water.

The Today Solutions

I re-read the chapter on the "Today" solutions, and I'm still not sure if I should be doing all of them from day 1, or just working them in gradually over the course of two weeks.

Because it's impossible for me to do them all right now (I need to buy a pedometer, for one thing), I'll just focus on doing as many as I can.

I'm glad I re-read the bit about flaxseeds. I bought whole flaxseed, and put it in my oatmeal this morning. But the author says that although it is best to buy your flaxseed whole, you must grind it up before you eat it. Oops.

And the almond serving size is 1 oz. But I presume that is by weight, not volume, so I'll weigh that today and maybe fill a few snack bags or something with the appropriate snack size.

When I looked at the powdered whey at the Whole Foods (which the author recommends taking after exercise) it said that pregnant or nursing women should ask their doctors before taking it as a supplement. So I didn't buy that. I'll ask the midwives what they know about powdered whey, since they're pretty knowledgeable about supplements.

I read ahead to the Solutions to be implemented during weeks 3-6. There are a bunch the author says everyone should be able to manage, there aren't many "flex" options in that part. I'm not thrilled with some of his Solutions, but we'll see how it goes. A lot of them really are similar to the Dr. Phil diet strategies, and I found that I was able to lose a significant amount of weight without following all of those, either.

But I will worry about that in a few weeks. For now, I'm on board with his "Today" solutions. You'll see in my food log I've already started taking my fish oil supplements and am back on the prenatal vitamins. I should be taking those while nursing anyway, so having yet another source prescribing them as good for me helped motivate me to get back to taking them. I use raw-food vitamins so I'm supposed to take one with each meal so I get my nutrients throughout the day rather than just once a day. I think that's part of my resistance to them, but I'll try to get back into the habit. And I'll go downstairs and grind some flaxseeds so I can get the benefit from them that I might not be getting from eating them whole (who knew?).

I'm glad apples are in season, because I really don't like stored apples. But fresh apples are delicious, and we live in apple country so I get mine from the orchard just down the road from us. And one of the Today solutions is to eat an apple a day. I wish there was some way to preserve the crisp snap of a fresh apple through freezing or canning, but I doubt that is possible. But the author says that a pear or banana or orange is an acceptable substitute although less effective for weight loss than apples. So I'll wait to switch until a few months from now when the apples start getting less fresh.

Food Log

10am. Two eggs scrambled, with milk & butter. One T of crumbled bacon added, plus fresh rosemary. Large mug of coffee with whole milk. 1 prenatal vitamin.


12:30pm. Great Scott salad at Whole Foods (mixed greens, beets, goat cheese, oranges, balsamic vinaigrette). 1.5 cups of whole milk. A few bites of tortellini antipasto that W didn't finish.

I can see why the public food log is a good dieting tool-- this really did make me change my lunch choice knowing I'd post it online. I would have ordinarily gone grocery shopping at the Sam's Club then swung by the drive-thru and eaten McD in the car on the way home. But since Max was fussy early, I had to eat lunch before grocery shopping. I could've gone to McD's and fed Will the chicken nuggets he'd been asking for and nursed M, but I figured since I would have to drag both kids out of the car to eat since I had to nurse, I might as well just go to the Whole Foods, because I could also get groceries there after we ate. So I wound up with a salad instead of a Big Mac. Not that I'd be embarrassed to put a Big Mac up online, I think they are delicious and a reasonable part of a diet if consumed in moderation. But I didn't need to eat a Big Mac today. A salad was just fine. And because of the way we were driving, I was driving right past the Whole Foods so it was on the way and the McD was actually out of the way. It might work out differently in the future, but I do feel good about making a healthy choice for lunch today. :-)

None, although I did drink an entire canteen of water after my afternoon walk.

7:30pm. 3" of kielbasa, 1 Fuji apple from the orchard down the road (yum!), 1" of cheddar cheese. 2T leftover egg salad. 2 prenatal vitamins, 1 packet fish oil.

My husband and son had already eaten by the time I was done nursing the baby, so there was no point in cooking dinner for just myself. Although I did consider cooking, my options were limited to what I could make and eat with just one hand since I was holding a fussy baby with the other arm. And the housekeeper had covered the lid of the chest freezer since she washed the floor, and I couldn't be bothered moving things off it one at a time with my one free hand in order to rummage through there (again, while holding a baby) to find some frozen food to heat up. So the random leftovers will have to do. Although it's now likely that I'll eat more later tonight since I'm starting to get hungry again.

10:00pm. 2 mini chicken sandwiches, V8 Bloody Mary, 1 canteen of water.
11:00pm. 2 oz (volume, not weight) raw almonds, 1 canteen of water.

As predicted, I got hungry again after my dinner of tidbits. I remembered that the diet book said something about eating almonds, and I picked some up at the Whole Foods this afternoon. The raw ones had a big "healthy!" sticker on them, so I figured those were probably the right ones to get for this project. I forgot how much you were supposed to eat each day (I really need to find some time to read more of this diet book again), so I guessed about 1 shot glass would be a serving. After eating them, I'm now suspecting that perhaps only 1 ounce would have been more appropriate. Nevertheless, I'm glad I ate them since I was still hungry an hour after the chicken sandwiches. And I've learned from recent experience (last week) that if I go to bed a little bit hungry, I will wake up so weak with hunger that I feel sick. I attribute this to nursing, since pre-children I could go to bed hungry and forget about it. I'd be hungry in the morning, but it wasn't anything urgent. Skipping my late-night food last week made me feel beyond miserable. When I was pregnant and I'd be hungry overnight I'd just go downstairs and get some food. Now when I'm up overnight it's to nurse M, and I am too tired to go downstairs to eat, so by morning I was ill with hunger. So although most diets (indcluding this Flex Diet) suggest not eating anything after dinner, I'm going to willfully ignore that if I'm hungry after dinner. When M is weaned, I will reconsider, but for now, I think I'll stick with the evening snack. Although there's no reason I can't improve the healthiness of the snack. Many nights I have a salad, but tonight the lettuce was too old.

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